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My name is Iyana Hunte. I am a writer who has a passion for all things creative.  I am currently on a personal journey to transform my life, in order to inspire others to do the same.  Throughout the years, I have been in situations that I thought could never improve.  Luckily for me, there was always a special person, place, or thing that would inspire me to never stop working to improve myself. I want to do the same for you.  As I continue to explore and create new experiences that facilitate personal growth in my life, I will share what I learn.  My past, present, and future journeys give me valuable information that continues to help me transform into my highest self for you and me.   



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I will share books, videos, blogs, people, and events that helped me on my evolving journey this month!

A Quote to Inspire

Every day there's a new test, but everyday is better than the last.  It might get tough you might lose rest, but don't give up because you will be blessed.  You never know what you can do if you just give up and cry the blues. Be always believing in you, when your day comes be prepared to choose:

Life: It's our only gift

Love: It's our only wish

Happiness: You'll get through the day

GOD: He will make a way!


 -Iyana Hunte

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