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Change Your Diet & Transform Your Mind!

Change your mind about your diet...

When you don’t appreciate life and live it to its fullest you miss the opportunity to experience you. The better your mind is functioning the better the quality of your life. Ever since I was young, my thoughts have been controlling each one of my days. Fluctuating from negative to positive, teetering on the negative side often, much of life was spent living in my mind and fears rather than in the moment. I could never allow faith to fully activate because I was consumed with the what-ifs of life.

Growing up in a household with a very strict diet was hard for me as it often conflicted with the pressures of trying to fit in and trying to satisfy my taste buds (if I must be honest). Over the years, I ran away from my upbringing in favor of adopting a more traditional diet that appeased my appetite. I ate basically whatever I wanted; all the food groups on the traditional food pyramid. I can remember countless occasions where my mom would say, “If you eat more greens and raw food you will think better”, “You have too much starch in your diet, that’s why you’re always depressed”, and her favorite, “If you change your diet your life will change.” Now that I am older and have been through many of the ebbs and flows of life both negative and positive, I see more and more the benefit in her words.

Your diet and your brain.

According to Harvard Health Blog: Eating high-quality foods that contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants nourish the brain and protect it from oxidative stress — {the “waste” (free radicals),} produced when the body uses oxygen, which can damage cells.

The Health Link BC states: Antioxidants are nutrients found naturally in food, especially in dark and brightly colored vegetables and fruits.

With the knowledge that I have obtained over the years through research, experience, family & close friends, I have come to the conclusion that a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables is best for me and maybe best for you too.

I have had periods and bouts with depression and anxiety in my life. During these times, I would put in to practice eating the diet that I grew up on, strictly following my mother’s daily routine for a few weeks. Though it wasn’t long-term back then, during those weeks of intense cleanout when I would focus on eating only green vegetables, herbs, and fruits, surprisingly I would have the most energy. My mind was quick and memory sharp. I would start to feel happy, so happy that I would begin to revert back to partying and less disciplined ways of eating. It may not be true for everyone, but from my personal experience, the cleaner on the inside I have been the better I have felt on the outside physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Accept the challenge of change!

As you find your authentic unapologetic happiness on this blog journey with me, let’s discover ways that we can optimize our brain health through our diet:

Let's transform together:

Every day we can increase our intake of raw fruits and vegetables. Whatever your intake was today, increase it a little tomorrow. Drink at least 3 8 oz glasses of the purest most mineral-rich water you have access to. Increase your vitamin intake and detox from all the foods and other substances you may have been intaking. Do all of the above for 4 weeks consecutively. Do you think you can do this with me? Let’s see if you can notice any difference in the smallest area, for example; what you choose to focus on, what you are thinking about, and how your mood each week. Keep a little journal with you so that you can make yourself a believer. Take pictures and share them with me so I can support and applaud your improvements. If you notice progress, keep going. Let that be one of your first steps towards transforming your life starting with your mind.

Green Veggies Slows down the process of cognitive decline

Fatty Fish Supports brain function and development

Berries Increased brain function & can prevent inflammation

Tea Green tea is high in antioxidants. Excellent for the brain

Nuts Walnuts can help cognitive function.

Green veggies help slow down the process of cognitive decline. Fatty fish supports brain function and development. Berries increase brain function & can prevent inflammation that can lead to brain cell damage. Tea specifically, green tea is high in antioxidants and excellent for the brain. Walnuts, pecans, and cashews (emphasizing walnuts) can all help the cognitive function of the brain.

After you clean out with mainly dark leafy greens and water, start to incorporate these foods into your diet. The Mediterranean diet is one that incorporates all of these food groups and has been proven effective in brain health. Wikipedia states: The Mediterranean diet keeps the amount of white matter in the brain at a normal level, the more white matter the faster brain cells can send signals. This diet also inhibits high brain activity as opposed to some diets, for example, the western diet, which is red meat-based and lowers brain activity.

Hunteelysium should be a journey in discovering our best selves! We will start by improving our brain health. Our diet will change, and our minds should follow. The dedication that we show to this process will get us a step closer to improve our positive thoughts towards other people, things, and events, and lead us toward a transformative life.



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